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Ski Wax

Kick Wax

Wax used for grip on cross-country skis. Hard wax and Klister wax.

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Base Wax

Wax used for preparing the skis for other waxes. Base wax is either a wax ironed in the glide zones for warm or cold snow conditions; or ironed into the kick zone for additional layers of kick (grip) wax on classical skis. Glide base wax can also be used for training or just general waxing of the glide zones.

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Glide Wax

Wax for the glide zones on cross-country skis, classic or skating. They range in price accoring to the amount of fluorcarbon in them. Pure fluorcarbon wax is the most expensive.

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Glide Wax Additives

These are waxes used to go along with other glide waxes. There are additives for cold snow, wet snow and dirty snow. Some need to be ironed in at very high temperature and others can be crayoned on and polished in to the base.

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Waxing Accessories

Accessories for helping you wax your skis.

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