Sverige Projekt – some details

Or… The Sweden Project is going to be the next phase of Devils Track Nordic Ski Shop, a training and racing program to be established domestically first, and then globally. With the name “Sweden” in it, that is one of the places I hope to base out of, but it will probably involve a multitude of places to explore all of what cross-country skiing has to offer.



Here is a sketch of some of the details for the Sverige Projekt, more will be cleared up once we have good snow to train on. Master’s World Cup is coming to Canmore, Alberta CANADA in March of 2022, so that’s my focus for the program.  Send an email to if interested.


$675 High training program 2-3 days/week (6-8 hrs.)  Tuesday &Wednesday (11 am to 1 pm)/Sunday (afternoon 4-5 pm)

3 free ski waxing

Distance and technique work; sprint intervals on Wednesday evenings

Planning training for World Masters


$175 Learning program 1 day/ week (1-2 hrs.) Sunday (afternoon 4-5 pm)

2 free ski waxing

Distance and classic/skate progressions

Planning basic weekly training



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