Sverige Projekt

Or… The Sweden Project is going to be the next phase of Devils Track Nordic Ski Shop, a training and racing program to be established domestically first, and then globally. Of course with the name “Sweden” in it, that is one of the places I hope to base out of, but it will probably involve a multitude of places around the world to explore all of what cross-country skiing has to offer. More information on Sverige Projekt will be forthcoming in the spring of 2021.



An important part og improving one’s skiing is to begin training in the late spring/ early summer period. And by this I mean training using a variety of methods using all of the opportunities which are in close proximity to where you live. Another important part of improving your skiing is early access to skiing on snow; preferably by mid-October. I mean that! The last part is having a variety of skiing experiences either regionally, across the country or globally. These experiences expose oneself to other methods and the variety of cultures within the cross-country skiing community.


Bra yule!




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