The 2008 Snowstorm

Remembering the 2008 Ski Season Snow Storm

It started off just like any of the other big snowstorms we’ve had over the Pincushion Trails during the past few years. There have been lake effect storms where we get 40 inches or so of the fluffy snow, heavy wet snowstorms dumping a foot of snow, and ice storms where we’ve received rain, ice and then a foot of snow, knocking down branches and trees in the process. And 2007/08 had already received 20 inches in one storm in December to get the ski season off to a great start.


This storm started like many of them. Not that much snow was predicted. It’s a great feeling as the heavy snow (and sometime sleet) begins to sting your face and then eyes. I try to shield them from it as I fly down one of the hills on North Advanced or Upper/Lower Snowman Loops as I make my way down for some laps around the West Overlook Trail for a night training ski. Although tonight, this storm already felt just a little different.


I noticed as I made my way around the lighted trail that my classic tracks were getting covered up quite fast with new snow. I started doing longer laps too, taking in the Snowman Loops and turning on my headlamp. I could barely see with the “lamp” on as I completed the longer lap. I also was starting to feel cold after about an hour and a half of skiing. The temps were in the 20’s so I didn’t quite understand why I was feeling that way. I soon realized it was snowing hard now. My headlamp was practically useless, even on the bright low halogen setting. Skiing around the lighted trail made it easy to see as the trail lights were not illuminating the increasingly heavier falling snow.


A full 12 inches would later fall over what had been packed just 5-6 hours later I discovered the next day when I made my way down to Morris’ place for some borrowed gas so I could continue snowblowing the 24 inches of snow from our driveway. What a time to run out of gas for the snowblower! This was the first time I’ve had to stop skiing because of too much snow in the track. Usually it’s rain, ice, or extreme cold. Hopefully the winter of 2017/18 will get off to a great start with a BIG snowstorm!




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